Business Planning 

Align the Arrows helps you get what you want from your business.

We help you clarify your vision, refine your business goals, guide your decisions and implement clear processes to effectively realise long-term benefit for you and your business.

We are committed to helping you be your best.


Why Choose Align The Arrows?

We like to keep things simple and help get your business where you want it to be.

* We invest the time to get to know you and your business

* We learn about your values and your challenges 

* We bring a wealth of facilitation experience so that everyone in your team has a voice 


* We create accountability so that you and your business actually deliver on the targets set

We don’t guarantee growth, we don’t guarantee to put £xx on your turnover.  We are driven to help you focus on the things you want to do.  It might be you are:

* Losing control of your business

* Losing time with your family

* Sick of seeing competitors flourish while you stand still

* Driven by figures and want to increase turnover  

We can help in all of those areas and more.  What we can’t do is guarantee how quickly things will change and by how much.  The hard work starts with you, we just want to do everything we can to help you.

What we do

Business coaching

Starting with your end goal in mind, we work with you every step of the way to help you unlock the potential in your business.

We will work with you to understand what is holding you back so that we can start thinking about how to remove the obstacles.  We want you to gain more control and set you on the path you dreamed of when you first started running your business. 

We will create a simple, business focused action plan, which is easy to implement and which will enable you to instil a culture of continuous delivery. 

Little, consistent, incremental steps = big business growth. 

Our Values

We work with clients to help create the real values in their business.  We have them too:

Walk the walk – we do what we advise our clients to do

Challenge limiting beliefs – If we hear “we can’t do that”, we figure out why

Empower others – If you have an idea in the back of your brain, we help bring it out

Tell you how it really is – We’re not rude, but we won’t guess what you WANT to hear

We will question, listen, support, and coach you to success. 

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Leigh has been instrumental in taking our business to the next level. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Nick Teige – Ivanhoe Financial Planning

Leigh has the ability to ask the right questions at the right moments which enabled me to focus and think more deeply about what I do. I now have the tools to allow me to be flexible whilst remaining focused. The continued support from Leigh has been priceless, he can provide the tools, insight and focus required to drive a business forward.

Melanie Eckersley – Eckersley Consulting

What Leigh does is not rocket science but the questions he asks help you to focus on what is really important for you, both as a person and as a business owner. Work/life balance needs to start with your vision – you can then build it in to your business plan so that your business starts working for you (not the other way around)

Thanks Leigh for helping me sort out ‘my rocks’ – I am now back in the driving seat and I’m looking forward to what I’ll achieve in the next 10 years.

Carol Brookes – Able2Consulting

Working with Leigh has given me a clear focus and the drive to implement what is needed to achieve my 10 year vision. Having the process and accountability in place is also a massive key to achieving this. After working with Leigh it is clear to see how passionate he is about what he does and also how passionate he is about helping people to achieve what they set out to and holding them accountable along the way as well as making you hold yourself accountable.

Marie Kelleher – Align Body and Mind

The accountability I’ve had from Leigh has really helped to drive my business forward rather than being stuck and losing hope because of the lockdown.

I can’t thank Leigh enough for the help and support he has given to align my thoughts and build a vision for the future.

Joanne Carly

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