Is your business having a quiet moment?

Are you worried that things have gone a bit too quiet?  Or have you found yourself with some bonus spare time and don’t want to waste it?  If so, read on as I’ve got 3 things you can do in quieter times.  I found this happen to me earlier this year as I stepped away from my weekly BNI commitment.  I found myself with several hours of extra time each week and didn’t want to waste them.  Or did I??

What are your business goals?

This one I take as a given, it’s the cornerstone to everything I coach on but sometimes I forget to refer to it as often as I could.  Before we move on, just make sure you’ve spent the time catching up what your business goals are and where you’re at with them.  It will alter the perspective that you look at the next parts of this article.  If your business doesn’t have goals, set them.  You need to have something to aim at and then measure to know how well you’re doing.

Tip 1 – Data

Every business has data, it’s your job as business owner to use it.  Probably the biggest issue here is there is so much data available!  With some of your spare time, take a look at what data is helpful to you to know if things are on target.  Look at the leading indicators, those figures what tell you where you are going rather than where you’ve been.  For example, how many sales calls have been made rather than the number of sales completed.  Once you’ve identified your data, take a look at historical views too.  Is the business usually quiet in August?  Do you have seasonal products?  What products sold more at what points of the year?  When you start to take control of your data you can also start to look at your efficiency.  Are you able to outsource or make other efficiencies?  Can you free up even more time?

Use data to keep a track of what you're doing

Tip 2 – Take time out

This one seems really counter-productive but it’s really common where clients that take time end up making big surges forward.  You should consider that your body is a giant battery which discharges every day.  If every day you get to bed and it’s on zero (or in many cases in the negative!), you’ll not perform as well each day.  On top of that, a tired body makes worse decisions.  There may be some creative aspects to your business and maybe your creativity is drying up?  This has been the area I’ve focused mostly on and I feel so much better for it.  I’ve been exercising more, and even start to embrace a nap when I’m tired!  You might find it good to go for a coffee with someone you’ve not seen for a while or call someone you’ve not spoken to

Take time out by relaxing

Tip 3 – Try something new

If the first two don’t really float your boat maybe this one will.  There is quote after quote about “try something new today” so it’s not uncommon.  Sainsbury’s even hammered it through a marketing campaign to encourage customers to spend an extra £1.14 every time they shopped.  I’m not suggesting you should try a Jalfrezi instead of a Tikka, or to try a Royal Gala over a Cripps Pink.  This tip is about looking at your routine, what you do each day and then breaking that routine.  It’s also easy here to get distracted from the task and allow something take over and stop you being productive altogether.  Take Netflix as the example, you could pick up a series you’ve tried before but didn’t follow through on.  But you might also find yourself sitting and watching a whole series when you should be doing something else.  Other examples here could be picking up a business book for the first time in a while or trying a new activity.  Maybe there are are networking events that you’d been meaning to try.

Remember the aim with this one, take your routine apart, look at it and try to put it back together in a different way.

Netflix and squid game


We are humans, not machines.  We were not born to work at 100% for 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year.  At the same time, we don’t all work at the same rate nor do we have the same level of energy at the same parts of the day.  If you do have extra time you don’t have to fill it with things that you might think are productive.  You need to find the level that is right for you, right for your business and optimise your time for each