More about Leigh

Who are align the arrows and how can they help my business?



Leigh has always been fascinated in the way things work, and the way things work together.  Leaving school after A-levels with no obvious career path, he decided to head in to London and start working at an Investment Bank to learn the ropes and carry on with the grafting attitude that started with a paper round age 13.

He started to get to understand the world of corporate activity and was involved in the takeovers and mergers of FTSE listed companies.  When technology started to come to the mainstream, Leigh took roles in project teams to support major client acquisitions and business improvement initiatives before moving on to shape business strategy across entire organisations.

In each of his corporate roles he learned that unity among a group of individuals is far more valuable than the contribution of one star performer. 

So how can we help?

Being able to facilitate a room is an often overlooked skill. Knowing when to keep pressing a subject or when to move on can be difficult to judge.  Having the ability to stand in front of strangers and project a message to an audience you don’t know in a way that they will understand can put fear in to people!

Looking back to 2005, a decision was made that changed how Leigh thought about that.  He was asked to present at a European Conference in Paris about the way his employer (a large utility company) were using new features of their document composition tool. 

After accepting there were major nerves ahead of the conference, but also a lot of meticulous planning to ensure the content was delivered in a way that made sense.  Feedback was overwhelming and changed the way Leigh thought about standing in front of a group of strangers!


Fast forward to 2018 and Leigh took the decision to bring the learning from his career to as many clients as possible.  He found that while there are bespoke businesses that can cater for the most bizarre requirements, each have the same core principles that need to be mastered.

Inspired by authors such as Michael E Gerber, James C Collins and Gino Wickman it became apparent that when you look to the past, you can easily shape the future. 

In every business, there are decisions to be made but those with a clear vision who are supported by staff who “get it”, who implement clear processes and deal with issues quickly and efficiently go on to achieve their goals.

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