Do you find yourself networking, or answering the question:
What is it that your business offers?

Do you then find yourself blurting out a stream of information and your audience start to switch off? Then read on!

Service Packages Align the Arrows Coaching, Business Coach

Whenever you try to explain something, the simpler you can keep it, the easier it is to understand. The habits businesses seem to fall into are:
1) Over complicating without realising
2) Try to sell every intricate aspect of their business at once

With the first one, it is really common that because people are in their business every day that the language and terminology becomes common. As a result something that sounds complicated to their customer sounds simple to them and the customer switches off quickly.

For the second one it’s common that a business can offer variations on a theme, do slightly different configurations or maybe work in a slightly different way.

To try to combat this, it’s a great idea to try and create packages. Things that are easily digestible for your potential clients but how do you build them?

Again, simple is best. The first thing to do is to try and keep the language simple. Try to speak in the language your customer will understand, rather than what your business understands.

Next, try to offer different entry points. Again not so many that it’s complicated but as an example a bronze, silver and gold package.

Lastly be open to a little flexibility. You might have a little bolt on here, upgrade there, but it needs to remain simple to understand, needs to be something that you are in control of rather than your customer bespoking your product or service and needs to stay true to the other principles above!