Why are you running a challenge?

Simple answer, I just want to help businesses grow.  My own business is here to “provide the most supportive and thought provoking business coaching in the East Midlands”.  I want to do that by offering a 100% free challenge.  To help with that:

  1. I don’t want to do what everyone else does (I see a lot of this kind of things which are lead magnets)
  2. I’m not interested in what “the experts” tell me to do (I’m often told not to give things away for free)
  3. I don’t want to sell to people who don’t want to be sold at (you choose if you want these emails or not, there’s no catch)
  4. My business isn’t a clone of other businesses (I haven’t seen this in the coaching space)

The concept

The concept of a challenge isn’t new, but I’d like to think that giving the challenge tasks with no expectation of follow up might be!  The challenge has been created for you, as an individual.  It shouldn’t matter if you’re the boss of 5,000 or the boss of yourself.  Some tasks you might think “meh”, others might strike the right note. I’m not the only business coach, and I’m certainly not going to be a fit for all businesses at the same time.  The chances are, you’ve heard or tried some of the tasks before.  That’s OK too, the idea of the challenge is to give you some accountability to at least read what the challenge is.  If you then find all of the challenges don’t fit you, that’s fine too.  Accepting the challenge means you’re also open to creating additional accountability, so that might end up being the only nugget you’ll take.  But it’s one, it’s a start. When I’m coaching or when I’m speaking, I try to give a different angle on something which already exists.  It’s quite hard to create something totally new.  In my head everything is an iteration of something that’s gone before.  Business as a rule is an ancient concept.  Two parties want to exchange something for a cost.  Why over complicate it? Because humans are in control.  If things were simpler, Blockbuster would be Netflix.  HMV would be Spotify and we’d all ask Jeeves instead of Google and Alexa.  Mind you we’d probably be under Roman rule, or Greek, or maybe without any ruler at all.

What do I gain?

There should be something for you in the challenge.  How much you gain will be deemed by how much you want to commit yourself to the task.  The number of sign ups, leads, conversions to clients is irrelevant to me.  The whole challenge has been designed to give your business something different.  A different angle, thought process, time out, accountability.  There should be something for you from at least one of the tasks.  I might waste my time, I might only get one sign up, but let’s see. I’ll bring my prism and shine light on your business in a different way.  All I need you to do is be ready for an email a day, for 5 days and allow yourself the time and mindset to complete the task.  Oh, and a 6th email when the challenge is finished, just as a summary of the challenge. The potential business gain for me could be a conversation down the line, hopefully because you think I’ve been helpful.  But I will DELETE the email list when the challenge is complete (unless you have previously or specifically asked to be on my mailing list).  Any conversation is on your terms, I don’t want anyone to feel hoodwinked into another mailing list adding to their inbox woes. Be warned, the tasks in the challenge are simple, but you’ll need to put some effort in.  Don’t sign up expecting some magic fairy dust to transform your business overnight.  That fairy dust is only in fairy tails.  To succeed, it’s hard work and determination. https://form.jotform.com/220134782327351