What your social media marketing SHOULD look like

First of all I’ll clear the air early, there’s no silver bullet in here.  The title was a little bit click-baity, but I also see the same kind of title several times a week so….  However, don’t click off the page just yet.  This article will tell you what your social media marketing strategy should look like, and will hopefully give you the direction that I’m taking mine!

One of the big gripes I have with social media, and marketing in general is that there are hundreds of people who will tell you “how to do it”, but that’s just not possible.  You can’t complete social media.  You don’t win awards at the end of it.  As soon as people start to realise what works with certain sites algorithms, the algorithms change.  The social media companies just want you on their sites for as long as possible, interacting on their sites in order that THEY make money.  It’s not really in the interests of LinkedIn (owned by(ob) Microsoft), Facebook, Instagram (ob Facebook), WhatsApp (ob Facebook) if Align the Arrows has made money.  Sure there are tools to tell you where you’re going wrong, but most of them are chargeable.

On top of that, times change, trends change, your business offering changes.  That led me to some deeper thinking.  This article has been months in the making, while I settle on the ideas and take the time to write it down.

Introductions remain king

In all of the time I’ve been in business, not one client has come directly from my online activity.  Maybe I am doing it wrong, but I’m certainly doing what the specialists say.  Every client has been someone I started a conversation with face to face and then retained contact with, or has been introduced by an existing contact.

So what should it look like?

It’s hard to gauge how good your own social media is, how many people actually look at it.  I’m sure some of my clients had a look before we started working together.  I’m fairly sure it’s essential to have some sort of presence.  Although one of my clients said “if I’d not met you, and looked at your social, I’d not be interested”.  I’ve got a thick skin, and I was already debating what to do next.

So the answer from me, what should your social media look like?  I’ve one word:


I found at times that I was posting content for the sake of it.  Sure it was about my business, it was factual, but I found it uninspiring.  So what should I do next?  After a lot of hunting around I made the first decision.  Close my business facebook page down.  It was by far the least popular when I looked at the stats, and it’s highly likely that any potential clients would also be on LinkedIn.  I also found I interacted less on things that interested me on facebook like football, cars and running.  I also set a daily timer on the app to make sure I wasn’t wasting time in it.

Then what?

After that, I’ve always liked the idea of Instagram as it’s pictorial.  I’ve no real historical connections on there like I do on facebook and the same client I spoke to said that it would be good for people to get to know ME.  So I opened @leigh_coach_life on instagram with the intention that it should never post anything corporate.

After that I had a chat with my marketing team and said I need to transition.  I need to make sure there is more content that sounds like it comes from me on LinkedIn, I needed to read things and think they sound like me, and see more pictures of actual me.

So now the journey carries on.  Will I get clients from social media?  Maybe, maybe not.  But will I have fun doing it and make sure it’s not consuming my week?  Absolutely.  Just do you, be you and carry on doing the great stuff that you do.